Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frustrated and Trying Hard to find the Gratitude

So I have a whole list of things that I could write about this afternoon. However I want this blog to be honest. I really want to be transparent in my quest for gratitude. That being said I will share with you a very frustrating experience this morning. I had to be in church early to do some tech work. Knowing that technology can be finicky I went over to the church Thursday evening and tested absolutely everything out. Upon arriving early this morning I tested it all out again. I worked around all sorts of settings to prevent my computer from taking a nap during the sermon. I reset the volume levels. I went to the back of the church where Paul was setting up the camera and microphones for our guest preachers.

The baby fell asleep on Paul and for the first time in a long time we had a peaceful church experience. The taping went pretty smoothly. Then it was time to show a video. Screen down. Check. Projector on. It took a little work but check. Computer ready to go. Check. Press play. FAIL. There on the screen was the video split in half with a big black bar down the middle. The left on the right and the right on the left the bottom is missing. There is nothing I can do it was more audio than video. I have never ever seen this happen. In all of my fighting with the computer and projector over the years I have never had it split and multiply like that. So basically it was an EPIC FAIL in front of the whole church. Everyone involved was incredibly gracious about it.

I however was angry because after taking all that time to practice it still went wrong. There are things I can be grateful for in this whole scene. The camera worked well, the baby slept. Still though this technological malfunction has got my goat. I am finding it very difficult to be grateful for technology right now. Even though it is the same computer I am typing this blog on that freaked out.

I guess all in all I can be very grateful that all involved were indeed very gracious about it all. Even if I am no less frustrated.

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