Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Yard

I am nearly 30. I live in my mom's house. Many of my friends are nearing 30 as well if they aren't already there. Many of them live with family or share a house or still rent places. It seems that for the most part none of us own houses (there are a few). I think there are many reasons for this. The not so great economic time is part of that reason. I will be the first to tell you though that we aren't what you would call rolling in the dough. It seems our generation is in this stuck place where it seems impossible to get ahead at times. With the current climate in finance I am not sure any of us will be able to give our kids a house.

So I am married with a baby, a dog and a cat and the whole lot of us lives in a house with my mother and occasionally random other family members. It gets incredibly frustrating. I feel like a looser when people figure out I still live with my mom. It is like you are getting no where fast. I have these moments where I long for my own place on a large piece of land in the middle of no where. Sometimes I even get down right angry that I don't have that place yet. I say I live like a glorified teenager.

By the way I am VERY GRATEFUL to have a mom who is gracious enough to keep us and a very nice house to live in. It even has ammenities like Cable TV, a dishwasher, heat, hot water, electricity, running water even. I could go on and on.

However there is something I do have, a yard. A decent size yard with a fence at that. So while we live here sharing space and all that, we have a safe place for the pooch to play outside and now that she is getting bigger a safe place for our baby to play outside. Yesterday we purchased a swing set and one of those baby swings to go with it (for her birthday). So yeah it's not her birthday yet but she doesn't know that. She will get use out of it for the whole summer. We bought it early because a sale combine with a coupon saved us a lot of cash.

So the long and short of it is that I am grateful to be able to give her a yard with a swing set to play in. I am grateful that she has her own room full of her things. I am grateful that not always having a whole lot of money has taught me to really know the value of a dollar which in turn has taught me to be a patient and careful shopper. In the end even our less than ideal living situation has a sunny side!

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