Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling God

So I thought about entitling this piece Finding God. However God found me a long time ago. Lately though my prayers have been those of a person who is seeking. I have been longing to become closer to God again. Then last night God's presence was so strong that even my distracted self couldn't ignore it. Was I in the car jamming out and getting my Jesus on you ask? Nope. Was I out in nature where I can always manage to find just a little glimmer of God and have had my most powerful kairos moments? Nope. Was I in some intensive retreat? Nope. Was I in a silent monastery? Nope. Was I with a group of teenagers trying desperately to accomplish something? Nope. These have all been places where I have met up with God before. I have come to expect God in those places. Was I in the middle of a powerful time of worship? Well sort of. I was at a Presbytery meeting which did start with worship. It was much later though when I felt that little God tug. Almost like a whisper of I am here. I was pretty darn surprised.

So today I find myself grateful that God still surprises me after all these years.

After typing those words I thought of it like a romance and how those little sparks fly when you add in the element of surprise even years later. I am not sure this is a romance but it certainly is a love story. Isn't it?

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