Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saints Gone By

Today I watched the people I call the saints of the church file in somberly to a funeral for one of their own. These are the people that have been dedicated active members for as long as I can remember. Many of them have taught me much about life around the church. As a matter of fact when Frank died he was so well known that no one had to ask Frank who. That is true of many folks at the church even myself if some one says Becca they know it's me. I have seen a few of these people go to be with God at rest. It is starting to happen more frequently though. I am learning just how important people are in being the church. I remember the last time I served communion before I left for Princeton a few years back. Serving communion to the people who used to serve me communion. Some people move on some pass on and things shift. Yet I am left with a question as I watched today I noticed that nearly all the people who are really active and well known are at youngest in their fifties. There are a few forties mixed in. Who will be left? Who will be the knew saints of the church when those folks in their forties have reached their 80s or 90s? I am concerned as I look around wondering who will be there? Who will make the dessert when my generations husbands and wives start to pass away? Who will call to check up on the sick? Who will send the cards? Who will collect the offering and serve the bread and grape juice?

I work with the kids and most of them leave our town and don't look back. So who then? Even Paul and I plan on leaving in the next two years or so. If one day there stands an I Hop where my dear FRPC stands well I don't think I can bear it. The saints I didn't know are remembered in window panes. The ones I did are in my heart but what of every one else?

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