Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Comfort of Home

As I get older (readers who think I am a baby bite your tongue) I find that there are a few things that really give me comfort because they remind me of my childhood. So of course like anyone there are certain foods that bring me back or I want when down, you know comfort food. Recently I found on a Sunday afternoon having football on in the back ground was rather comforting to me. Made me feel almost safe. That's because every Sunday was spent watching NFL football or car racing in our house. Usually both in some combination. I hated football for a very long time and I out grew car racing right around when it became cool to everyone else. Now on Sunday afternoons as I cook or clean or read or do what ever it is that Sunday brings you can usually hear a football game on because it gives me comfort.

Today I was getting ready to put football on when I happened along a PBS telethon that was featuring big band music. There was a show on that was some what reminiscent of the Lawrence Welk Show. I stopped clicking and listened awhile. Thought to myself I need to pull out my big band music CD. Then I had this horrifying thought. What if some day no one knows the Lawrence Welk show or the Glenn Miller Band or just big band in general? Suddenly I felt my age. I was painfully aware that I am an oddity even in my own generation. I recalled my Grandmother complaining that there was no nice music anymore. Listening to the big band today I understand where she was coming from. She was right, while I like some modern music it is not that same as big band, which you can listen to with you family and not give it a second thought. I love the dancing too. Why do we not have those sorts of night club opportunities today. How grand would it be to have a forties ball room experience today? One where women don't have to look like slut bags and men are much more covert about their wanting "to get it on" with the ladies. What if there was still something left to the imagination? What if the music actually had music in it.

I know I sound like a jaded old woman now. I was riding in the car the other day listening to the radio and had to change the station because every song was about cheating on your other with no regret or some other behavior that wouldn't be becoming of the young lady I am trying to raise. I didn't used to do that. So now I am thinking that maybe those old big band cds might have a two fold purpose. Lilia will be exposed to something many of her peers won't know and it will be better than the radio for sure.

So at any rate, it makes me think of my grandparents who I miss dearly. I am wondering what did your grandparents teach you as their legacy?

Mine taught me to appreciate this...


  1. Well said. I love the part when you said "What if the music actually had music in it" so true. Love you.

  2. Sorry, this and the above comment is from Paul. I just realized I was not on as me. Opps.