Friday, September 3, 2010


So last night I set aside a large block of time in which to get some editing done on the documentary project. Paul and I sat down and finally started the project in the middle of course. So I noticed a few things. The piece we were working on was the FRPC and WPC partnership. I realized that I was miserable while shooting all of the events. I was pregnant for every single one of them except the retreat last October. As I reviewed the footage I could remember things like my legs falling asleep and burning with pins an needles as I stood there. I can remember wanting to run away and puke. I can remember wanting nothing but my bed. I can remember wanting to scream this is so stupid I want to go home. I can also remember my training when I was in school. Get the job done no matter what it doesn't matter if you are tired or hungry or hurting you have a job to do get it done. That definitely carried me through the shooting and pregnancy.

Then there was the second line of thought. What was I thinking agreeing to shoot a one woman documentary?!?!?!? I have training in all aspects of production which I haven't used in nearly ten years. So in theory I am able to make an entire documentary. However, knowing how to do things and being good at them are two different things. I am an excellent producer and director. I can coordinate like it's nothing. I can even give artistic vision. However I am terrible editor. I could care less about sound and lighting. Some times my camera shots are nothing short of something that looks like home video on crack. I started remembering why a crew is important. I haven't been able to do a single job well on this project because I am doing them all.

I am well in over my head. I am in Earl's stormy seas. With nothing but my hands and feet to keep me afloat in the editing world.

So there we sat in this moment finally getting some editing done. Then the baby woke up and we stayed up all night... with her... not editing! With very little time left and a tight schedule and a sleep proof baby HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO GET THIS DONE?!


  1. I shall come over and hold bebe and you shall edit. Done.

  2. I cut this post short. I was going to add to it but since it already has a comment. I will just add that when I was pregnant I was too tired to edit. When I had a new born I was a wreck and now free time is non existent.