Monday, September 13, 2010

God and thoughts on God

First let me start by saying when I preached I accidentally said something was the gospel that wasn't. No one called me out on it but man did it irk me. I said it was the gospel reading but it wasn't part of the gospel. Oh well. Such is life. In case any one is reading I do know the difference.

Now, I have had faith in God for as long as I can remember. This is an oddity in it self because I wasn't raised with God. I knew the stories of Christmas and Easter. I knew there was a bible and I knew there were churches but we only went for Baptisms, Weddings and the like. However I always wanted to go to church from the time I was like five years old I would ask to go to church. Around 16 I finally went to a church for no particular reason other than being dragged there by my mother. I would say that is when my faith really took root and became a normal part of my life. I should also add that I am not counting the time I got "saved" in an after school prayer club. I also went through a period of time where I didn't believe there was a God at all.

Until now my faith has never made me feel too different than everyone else. I mean there are little things here and there. Never has there been anything that was so glaringly different that I couldn't ignore it. Alas though the time has come where I feel like I might have just a little Jesus freak in me. I am not spilling the beans on my blog as to what has made me feel this way it is a little personal. (If you are one of those needs the details people, e-mail, send a letter, a text, call, smoke signal and I will try to honor your request.) I will tell you that I have made some active and prayerful decisions that were incredibly hard to make. Likely because they involve trusting God. Also giving up somethings and facing others.

As I force myself out of the house on Sunday mornings to get my booty to church I notice the sermons really reaching me. As if God has sent the Preacher Man just to speak to me. Which I know isn't the case. It just makes me feel as if these hard decisions were possibly the best ones I could have made.


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