Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things of Note

I had originally had just three thoughts I was going to share today.

Coexist- Today while acquiring some gas for our car, the gas station attendant asked if he could take a picture of our bumper sticker. I said sure but looked at him funny. He said it's so cool I want a tattoo of it. I was like sure. That is so cool since it is my Coexist sticker. I was a little nervous at first because around here there are a lot of wanna be red necks and or conservative types who are rather offended by out having a symbol of Islam on our car.

Waxing- I was spoiled as a teenager. My mother owned a hair salon. I started waxing my eyebrows in high school. Now the shop is long closed and I do it myself. Can I just say I miss having someone else do it. I have had lopsided eyebrows for the past 4 years and probably will until I can afford to pay someone else to do it.

Juno- There is a scene in this movie where there is a single girl protest and she is saying "All babies want to get borned." This is stuck in my head like a bad grocery store song.

So those were my three thoughts.

Then there was the largest groundhog in the history of the world that took up residence in the back yard today. After my sheer shock and fear because I thought it was a rabid raccoon in the middle of the day, I think it is cute when it is up on it's hind legs eating nuts. Now I have to make sure it is permanently out from under the deck. The thing is freaking huge though and bound to give me dog trouble sooner or later.

Then there was the baby saying Uncle Dale. Very exciting. Although she hasn't seen him since her birth over a year ago and she doesn't say mommy or daddy.

Then there was the evenings events. So we headed out to the Philly Ale House for Paul's birthday dinner. We had a hard time getting going because of balancing work schedules of the people going with us. We finally got there a full hour and a half later than we had wanted to. We ordered and the food was just ok. I felt bad because Paul was so excited.

I brought the cake I had wrestled with all day. The results were gross. I think I am giving up on scratch cakes. It was the same recipe as last time but so dry. AND it wouldn't cook it took forever. What gives? At least the frosting was good.

So when we were leaving, a handful of police cars went flying by. Then a fire truck. Then more police and we were like what the heck. After a u turn that nearly stopped my heart, we just kept seeing more and more police activity. So much so I texted friends who live near by who were with us if they knew what was going on since they would be home already. Mind you at this point we think we saw a total of 25 police cars, one paramedic truck and one fire truck. It was a hostage/shooting situation at the Kraft Foods factory just three blocks from where we were. Needless to say all that police activity delayed our arrival home. Thank God we needed to travel in the opposite direction to get home!

What a day!

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