Saturday, October 30, 2010

Outgrowing the toy store!

Say it isn't so. Today we took our eldest nephew Colt to the toy store. He is turning 12 next week. He called me this morning and asked to hang out with me and the gang because he was bored. So he was excited to learn we would be going to Toys R Us so I could get a price adjustment. Can I come with you? Sure. What he didn't know was this morning when Uncle Paul went the store he also acquired a fifty dollar bill. His birthday gift. As he gets older I lean toward gift cards but I thought he would love to have that big bill in his hand. So while Paul handled our price adjustment, I followed him to the "boy" section. He looked at a lot of things. He didn't get really excited about anything though. He actually didn't even go into the video game section. Odd, right?

Say it isn't so, but I think he is outgrowing the toy store! He was my very first little dude this can't be happening! We left and he still had almost all of his money. All he wanted were a few cars. So he is saving the rest for a trip he is going on next week.

What I found most interesting was as he looked at things he wanted to buy things for his nephew and his sister. I told him I thought that was very nice but he should spend his money on him because it was after all his birthday. That's the funny thing, he is a handful at times. However if you can get past that, he is the most caring, compassionate, thoughtful boy.

Sigh, why does he have to grow up so fast?

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