Friday, November 19, 2010


I find myself in the same struggle every Christmas. What to buy and when is enough, enough? This has only gotten worse with having a daughter. Being Christian I know that Christmas isn't about the gifts, the trees or the cookies. It's about Jesus. Although even for me that is hard to remember at times.

It seems to me that Christmas is just over run with greed. A close second is stress. I can't help but think this isn't what it is all about. I also seem to get wrapped up in it anyway.

I have a really hard time thinking about what I want to teach Lilia about Christmas. Obviously there is the Christmas story, I don't mean Santa Clause, I mean Jesus' Birth. What about all the secular stuff. Santa is a resounding yes, we couldn't imagine her not knowing Santa. Christmas for me as a child was magical. The lights, the presents, the food, the company. Oh how I loved it. I want her to have that. Yet I don't want her to be drown in consumerism either aka greed.

I guess I have to find the balance for me.

This year I have put a lot of focus into shopping for Lilia, and getting it done early, so I can get the best price and enjoy the season.

I just want to say though, that still I struggle between drowning in the consumerist greed and resting in God's love.

Tell me I am not the only one who thinks this much about Christmas. It feels as if Christmas has become it's own God!

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