Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Every Thanksgiving I find myself reminiscing about Thanksgivings past.

Today I was thinking about the year Paul and I went to the National Youth Workers Convention and tried to drive home Tuesday night from Atalanta. We hit so much traffic we didn't get home until 7 am! Paul had to go into work and I had to make pies. We were like zombies. We learned to never travel that time of the week before Thanksgiving. At least not with out an alternate route. I don't know how we even made it home safely.

I can't get through a Thanksgiving with out remembering the year I accidentally smashed my sister's cherry pie. I will never live that down. I had my feet on the bottom of the table and it tipped over. I think I was about 10 when that happened. I have dropped many a dessert since especially pies.

I have very fond memories of my grandmother on Thanksgiving, which I am very grateful for. Most of what we will eat tomorrow were her family recipes. She taught both my mother and I to perfect them. As we made pies this morning I remarked, "Hey Mom, not to long before we will be teaching Lilia the tricks of the trade." As sexist as it sounds, I am so glad I have a little girl to teach it to. Mind you I would teach any of the boys if they were interested. I will say I have taught most of the boys the baking part. They do love to bake with me.

Lastly, every Thanksgiving I can't not think about my friends in Africa, especially Rhita. One day we had a conversation in the back of the Land Rover about our favorite holidays. I said Thanksgiving, she responded oh the one with the turkey. We talked about it for awhile and Rhita wished she could have a Thanksgiving celebration. Then we dreamed together of sharing a Thanksgiving meal. I think every year maybe next year will be the year we are together. I have a strong hope that one year either she will be here for the holiday or I will cook up a Thanksgiving feast for Rhita and Caleb and all the children in Uganda. That would be a challenge but I can handle it!

May you be blessed with gratitude the whole year through!

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