Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reflections on the Day

In the food store this morning. I had to constantly say a mantra of be kind be kind, think kind things, think kind things, Jesus is Love, Jesus is Love, Jesus wants me to love on these people. Your grandma was old and you would have been pissed if someone ran her over with a shopping cart. This woman is someone's grandma. There were no buses in this parking lot where did they all come from? Why do they have to read everything, ok maybe they have some new health concern and have to be careful not to eat something. That's it. The all just found out they can't eat seeds so they must read every label 55 times. I am telling you my loyal readers this was my dialogue with myself the entire time I was food shopping. I tried to stay happy and loving and smile and be helpful where I could. I am always reaching up to the top shelf for someone.

In other news, I saw a former student over the weekend who came running up to see me. Becca, I haven't seen you in forever, how are you? Lucky for me he was wearing a shirt with his name on it and I could immediately place him. I must admit I didn't return his enthusiasm only because I was thrown off I hadn't seen him in four years. I didn't want to call him by the wrong name and the darn facial hair was throwing me off! It was good though because I thought about it later, I must have been doing my job right if he was that happy to see me (and Paul). I just wish they wouldn't all grow up so fast!

Lastly the crock pot works much better when you plug it in!

Oh and did I mention that I got my groceries all bagged and in the cart only to realize Paul still had the card I needed to pay for them? Yep that's right!

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