Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wild Goose Festival

So awhile back through the wonders of social networking I learned about the Wild Goose festival this summer in North Carolina. I was immediately stoked about it. I was ready to jump on board and be a part of it. I had Paul there with me and we even secured a baby/dog sitter for if we decided to leave the baby home. It's a no dog sort of event, even if she was allowed she doesn't always play nice so she wouldn't have been coming. Anyhow, three days of camping, speakers, music and art all in the name of God and changing the world sounded pretty darn groovy. Even with our pending move. It would be tight to fit that trip in, plus an early second birthday party and the move. I was determined to do it. I even invited a ton of people to come via facebook because I received a message asking me to get the buzz going. More people coming would help build interest and get sponsors or something of that sort. I was so on board I sent it to so many random people. Which I think in turn just annoyed them because no one was really interested in coming.

Then they sent me and announcement, the social justice focus would be on justice in the prison system. My enthusiasm completely fizzled. It's not that I don't see the injustice in the prison system or that I don't think it needs reform. It desperately does. It needs the energy of the folks at this festival. I just don't know if it needs my energy. It's just not my thing. I know how incredibly awful that sounds but it is true. I don't know that I can handle that burden on my soul. Insert all those but Becca maybe God is stretching you comments here.

I don't know what I will end up doing. I just don't really want another cause to halfheartedly support. I still like the idea in theory I guess I have to stay tuned.

Now, what does all that say about me?

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