Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 is a lot I know

Last post for today...

1. When did it become not ok to value different things?
2. Liars are attracted to me. I always know when they are lying. Are they looking to be called out?
3. Cowards are equally as frustrating. Unfortunately lying and cowardice go hand in hand.
4. I was reading this book today about statistics and a study on how people view the church. One of the words people used was anti homosexual. The writer was making perfect sense and then went on his own little anti homosexual rant. I am pushing through the book because the statistical data is pertinent to my current project but dam did that leave a bad taste in my mouth.
5. It is sad when people find their identity in other people's lives so much so that they lack their own identity. (This has been a theme I have been seeing around me lately.) Hope that isn't a hint to myself! ACK!

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