Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Friday

I am taking it easy this Friday and giving you some thoughts on facebook buttons that should exist:

Over Sharing- I don't care that you are having tacos for dinner.
TMI- 6 hours later when you tell me you have the runs because of the tacos.
Are You Stupid- Self Explanatory. Works for many types of posts like sharing way too much personal information. Excellent also for underage drinkers who post pics of what they are doing.
Do I know you?- Again no explanation needed.
OK seriously no one cares.
Is facebook your therapist?- Can be coupled with the over sharing.
Too Many Pictures. You get excited because you see new pics posted and every picture someone took over the last three months is there. Sort people sort... just give us the good ones.
Put on some clothes. Works especially well for the ladies.
I didn't need to see that... this would have been great for the Britney Spears like crotch shot someone posted last week. Also works well for stitches, wounds and other various things.

Those are just a few... add some in the comments.

I am pretty sure I am guilty of some of these offenses!

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