Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I like parties.

I think just about everyone knows this about me. I can be almost obsessive when I am planning one. I can take themes to a new level. I can theme decorations or food or both. I can keep it simple. I can keep it in a budget. I can make things. Overall if you are celebrating something the whole idea is to make the guest of honor and their guests feel special. Wedding aside I doubt I have ever spent even $1000 on a party.

I do enjoy all things party related. I go to the party store for fun. I keep ideas in a notebook. I love shows about fancy cakes or weddings. So you know I was a sucker for TLCs new Outrageous Kid Parties. I made use of the DVR Monday night and yesterday during nap time I indulged. I was interested to see what a party with no cap on the budget would look like. Well this six year old little brat er I mean girl had a birthday party that was exquisite and cost more than my wedding and had more guests to boot. The party was beautiful! No detail was left undone. There were costumes and characters and professional dancers. A cake that rivals many wedding cakes. It was beautiful and well thought out and probably the best money could buy for that part of the world.

Now that being said the behavior of all involved on the show was down right ugly! The teenage children of the couple were probably the most realistic. They knew it was completely over the top. The little girl was a monstrously bratty child. The mother was just as bad. The father enabled the whole thing. The point of contact at the venue offered to make an invoice the husband sees versus the real thing, right in front of the kid. Mom later says you can keep a secret from daddy right? In reference to another expense. It was crazy. I am not sure I can handle watching it again.

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