Saturday, February 12, 2011

When I am gone.

I was reading some poetry yesterday. Some very good poetry. I am not a big fan of poetry I feel it is most often too personal to really understand the beauty of the words dancing on the page. I used to write a lot of poetry. Nothing earth shattering, basically I was good at rhyming. Anyhow that train of thought led me to another, when working on my undergraduate work, I took an entire semester of TS Elliot. We sat for hours deciphering the meaning of his writings, mostly his poetry. I wrote papers on it. I write a lot. If my writing every becomes insanely popular or respected I hope that people don't spend hours trying to figure out what I meant. A little academic study is a good thing but really you should be out writing your own words. Find the meaning for you, because we all know there are writings that just speak to our hearts. Just don't be sitting there debating what you think I meant... it seems silly.

Today I am grateful for hope.
May you be blessed with a legacy of your own, hopefully a world changing one.

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