Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happily Ever After

So nothing has changed, I am still stressed out. Tonight there is a realtor coming to look at the house. I know I am going to hear it after that. Bracing. I am cleaning out my entire life. The house isn't going to look good.

I think lately what I really need to do is pray. I need prayer. However I can't seem to find the words. I also lack the desire, motivation or something to pray. This should probably be my blog topic of choice today but it isn't.

This morning I took a solo shopping trip with La Bebe. I know that moms do this all the time with children much younger than mine. However, I just recently mastered this skill. I really think it was the purchase of a new shopping cart cover which actually fits the carts. Before that I always put her in the stroller.

Disney's Tangled released on DVD today. I had a coupon for it and it was on sale so I picked it up. Of course she only took a ten minute nap on the way to the store so she was out of her mind when we got home. After lunch I gave up on getting things done and popped our new video in the dvd player. I haven't watched a new Disney movie in a long time. We watched half of it together before she finally gave in and took a nap. I watched the end on my own. I really enjoyed it. I forgot how much I like Disney movies.

Now I get they aren't realistic, I am after all grown up and married and all that. I haven't discovered that I am a lost Princess, that the Beast I am in love with is actually a handsome Prince, I have not ridden a magic carpet, bitten a poison apple, fallen in love with a prince. Not one story from a Disney movie has ever come true in my life. Some people will insist that happily ever after is a farce. I generally agree, there is no way you are going to be happy every single day the rest of your life. However, I am inclined to say that I think you make the choice. You decide how happy you are. If you sit around waiting on Prince Charming, you might be pretty miserable. If you have found Prince Charming, he won't always be well, Charming. He will probably fart way too much and leave his smelly laundry next to the bed until you empty the hamper and then refill it with his personal stash of secret laundry. He will likely disappoint you at some point. Chances are he won't ride up to you at sunset on a horse. That's all OK though, because that is life, real life.

I used to have a friend. He was the male version of the hopeless romantic. He might have even fancied himself to be prince charming a time or two. We used to banter for hours about movies like Tangled. What they were about if they were realistic. He would call me out on my closet hopeless romantic. I would call him out on how he wasn't royalty. It was great fun. I have kind of run the gamut on the princess movies. I have loved them and I have hated them. I have hated them because I felt like they set you up for disappointment in real life. I have loved them because for the hour or two you are watching them, you are lost in a fairy tale where true love falls out of a tree in the form of prince charming. It helps you escape reality for a few minutes.

I came to the conclusion today, that I am going to let my baby girl love these movies. I will let her get the princess make over in Disney World. I won't however let her believe she is actually a princess past the age of 10 anyway. That will set her up for sheer failure. I am sure at that point she will think she is the lost princess! Balance, I think that is what it's all about.

Today I am so grateful I have a little girl to watch princess movies with. It is one of my most hidden and girlie-est parts.

May you be blessed in sharing something hidden about yourself, with someone you love.

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