Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Weekend

Here is how I planned on spending the weekend:

1. Friday Night, impromptu date night with my Mr. Man. Plan B... running errands on my own.
2. Saturday, Lunch with friends followed by a little girl time, shopping. Night time editing.
3. Sunday, Liturgist in the morning. Family time in the afternoon. Maybe a few errands. Editing while watching the Oscars. The overly indulgent awards show that spends all sorts of money for no good reason, that I simply can not miss because my small dying inner film geek L-O-V-E-S them.

Here is how I actually spent my weekend after spending all week scrubbing the house to get rid of our germs from the cold that wouldn't quit.
1. Friday morning, Lilia slept an abnormally long time, followed by a less the pleasant diaper full of... well you know. Phone call to the Dr. who tells us to bring her in. Then pretty much yells at us for being there. She has a virus let it run it's course. She isn't lethargic, she was by any standard definition, my only that there was that maybe in medicine it has a different one. I did by the way look up the meaning to make sure we were using it appropriately.
2. Date Canceled. Baby needs her Momma. Order in. Paul departs to pick it up saying my stomach is bugging me I think I'm just really hungry.
3. Dinner starts. Half way through Paul runs to the bathroom. Emerges saying I feel better now, finishes dinner.
4. More nasty nasty baby diapers. Paul is laying down feels really sick. Gets up to help, starts the bath for poo covered baby. As I clean up said baby, I hear a thud, Paul is blacked out on the bathroom floor. I have a poop COVERED baby I can't leave her or put her anywhere. I yell are you ok, nothing. Talk to me Paul Talk to me. "I think I passed out." Paul starts puking. Baby is in bath I run to get Paul a clean shirt. I find cat puke in the clean laundry. By 11:30 I have everyone in bed. I clean up the house until 1 am. I stay up checking on the sick ones until 2:30 when I am sure no one else is going to puke, poop or black out.
5. 7 am wake up call from baby. She's happy few. Paul barely awake but feeling better could use more sleep.
6. 7:05 am I throw the baby at Paul and run to the bathroom. That wasn't good.
7. 8 am rocking on the bathroom floor praying to puke so I feel better.
9 am answered prayers.
10 am more answered prayers.
11 am some more.
11:15 pass out cold in bed until 4 pm. Get up check on everyone.
6pm in bed for the night.
8. 4 am wake up. Feel ok. Drink Ginger Ale . Keep in on the inside. Bonus.
9. Baby gets up. Daddy is pooped. She comes to play with me around 5:30. She falls asleep in her chair, falls out, makes one cry and falls asleep on the floor.
10. 6 am move her to her bed. Start re cleaning the ENTIRE house.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and resting. Eating a piece of dry toast here and there.
I did get to see the Oscars.

We had an amazing weekend. How was yours?

Needless to say I am incredibly behind schedule on everything now.

I am grateful for a healthy stomach today.
May you be blessed by one as well!

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