Friday, April 8, 2011

In Love

When you have been with someone as long as Paul and I have been together it is really easy to over look the little things you love about each other, at least this is true for me.

Today while in the throws of planning a birthday bash right before we move, I learned that two of our favorite little people wouldn't be able to make it that weekend. So I told him I don't want to upset the kids maybe we should move the date. With out skipping a beat, he said of course you have to move the date, we can't have it with out them. They really love her. They need to be here.

I was blown away. Paul has a huge heart. Since becoming a dad he wants to save all sorts of children. I have always known he has a huge heart. In that moment though I was highly impressed because he had a strong opinion on something that I didn't think he would. That opinion was straight from his heart. So there was this little twinkle of recognition...this is why you are with this man. He loves your family as much as you do. He wants them to feel included and loved.

Do I even have to say it?
Today I am grateful for Paul and this sparkling moment of recognition.
May you be blessed by some deep compassionate love.

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