Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visiting the Easter Bunny

When I was a little girl my Aunt Mur volunteered at the Fire House. We would go and eat breakfast or lunch and visit the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny of course was not the real Easter Bunny, it was an Easter Bunny helper in a costume, just like Santa. The Easter Bunny is way too busy to come all over for pictures. So one year, I am not sure how it happened but my Aunt tells me it involved a bribe with German Chocolate Cake, my dad was to be the Easter Bunny. He was picked of all the people to be the Easter Bunny's Special Helper.

Somehow I knew it was going to be him. Someone must have told me, probably because I was the kid who at 4 years old said that isn't Santa that is Uncle Doc I can see his hair. I would probably have noticed my father missing. So I was keeper of the secret, my dad was the Easter Bunny. I was maybe all of 5. I was never one of those kids who was afraid of the Easter Bunny or Santa. I saw my dad dressed as the Easter Bunny and I freaked out. I was a mellow kid, shy and pretty quiet. I had a full one hysterical fit of crying and sheer terror. I don't remember what it was about my dad in the bunny suit that made me loose my cool but I was so scared that I had to be convinced to go sit on his lap. There is a picture of this somewhere. I should look for it.

Today I was excited to take Lilia to the same Easter Bunny lunch. I find it really cool to do things with her that I can remember doing as a kid. I was very excited to take her. I wasn't sure how she would react to the over sized human like rabbit. She did incredibly well. She was so excited to see the bunny walk by while we were eating. Phew I thought no tears. She was pretty energetic because she had just napped on the way there. After she ate she was running around having a grand old time. I scooped her up and was chatting with my Aunt. I felt my side get warm and thought I need to change her diaper now. Then Paul starts freaking out what is going on. She was still peeing and it was running down her legs and sprinkling all over the floor right next to people eating. There was pee everywhere. So I said Paul clean the floor and I ran off to the ladies room to change her. All of her clothes save her t-shirt were wet. I had to change her into a jogging suit that was in the diaper bag. It took a while but I got her all cleaned up and headed out to the party. My shirt still visibly soaked in pee. The kicker, the diaper was still on and secured. How this happened is beyond me. I am just glad she didn't let it go on the bunny!

We got a fantastic picture of her with the Bunny in her little jogging suit.

I guess the truth is we can't go to an event like this with out one of us making it extra memorable.

Today I am grateful for time shared with Lilia, especially when our activities are ones I once enjoyed.

May you be blessed by a little pee pee shower of your own!

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