Thursday, May 12, 2011


I started really using twitter in the past few months. It took me awhile to get used to it but I think I pretty much get the idea. I am doing a lot of networking. On Tuesday I really felt a lot of community as we all sat tweeting waiting to hear for the 10A results. I followed a lot of new people and was followed by a lot of new people.

I get unfollowed almost as much as I get followed, mostly because I rarely tweet and when I do it is never of much significance. The thing is people get bloody mad when you unfollow them. I don't. I try to figure out who it was, like last week I am pretty sure the outlaw preachers stopped following me. Probably because I don't tweet about outlaw preachers stuff because that hashtag gets used a lot.

My point being, some people I am currently following tweet and retweet in a way that I can't see the rest of the people I follow for hours at a time. I have tried to find a way to see only the tweets I want to but it isn't working out. I am tempted to unfollow but then people get upset. I also think they are interesting people, some who over share. Maybe I will make a list of just the people who aren't always tweeting. I don't know. It's just bothersome. 40 tweets an hour makes me look like a novice LOL!

I find this hilarious because I have been regularly teased that I am addicted to facebook by my eldest brother. He says he can't imagine what my twitter is like. It kind of makes me laugh.

So there it is for you fine folks, my twitter dilemma.

May you be bless with such a needless dilemma today.
I am grateful for the community I find online especially with God's called people.

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