Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Works

Here are some things that are in the works for the blog:

1. Our first ever guest poster will be posting soon, how exciting is that?
2. Last summer I started a series on people I admire. It went one post it's summer again and I think its time for another entry.
3. I have a few other creative entries up my sleeve.

In the mean time let me tell you a little story about a thing we call a yard sale. Last week I spent most of my time preparing for and dreading our yard sale. Long story short we made some cash that in turn paid for nearly all of our cost for the truck rental. So it was kind of worth it. It was a lot of work for the pay off. I don't think I will ever have a yard sale again. People didn't want to pay much more than a quarter for anything.

Paul noticed one older woman who stayed around for a long time just talking to us. He observed later that she must have been really lonely. It was sad but I was glad Paul picked up on that. I like that he noticed that because it speaks volumes about his heart.

Then at the end of the day we put stuff out for free with a clear sign asking people to not leave a mess. Well people are ungrateful jerks because they left a huge mess in my driveway. No more freebees here.

Today I am grateful for time to breathe.
May you be blessed.

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