Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learning to Let Go

I will start with learning to let it go and learning to let go are two very different things. Sometimes we have to let things go other wise we become grumpy old people who sit around with nothing better to do than mutter to ourselves about those young kids pants. I have seen myself on this track several times and I quickly self correct. I don't want to be a lonely old woman. I want my hubby sitting there next to me, rocking in his chair. I don't want to alienate myself from everyone around me. So at times I have learned somethings you just have to let go.

Now there is this whole other thing, the art of letting go. Letting it go for me is letting something that gets under your skin just float breathlessly into the night with out giving it much attention. Letting go for me is defined more as letting go of something that formally had meaning in your life, a home, a relationship, a missed opportunity, you get the idea.

As I sit here I have found that it is much easier for me to let go of somethings. In the past few years I have let a lot of relationships go. They weren't life giving so it wasn't worth putting my life into them. You follow? I am looking out the window at the trees which I have loved since girlhood, my daughters toys in the yard and it makes me a little sad letting go of these things. So while I have found getting rid of the junk easy, yard sales will do that, letting go of my trees and my daughters place to run free is much harder. I suppose though, that I am on my way. When I let go I guess I am open to something new there wasn't room for before.

I am grateful that I am slowly learning these things and I have great hope for the things to come.
Today may you be blessed by letting go of something that burdens you.

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