Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Stomach and Caillou

The past three days I have had a bit of a stomach bug. Since Sunday evening basically eating has lead to almost immediate digestion and a visit to the toilet. This was not particularly concerning to me because every so often when my Aunt Flo comes for a visit this symptom comes with her. Today I asked Paul to run to the store and get me some medicine. I am not a taker of medicine but today I thought well it's not getting any better. I don't know why I didn't take it sooner. I feel like myself again. A bit tired but much better and I haven't seen the bathroom in hours. I even ate a bagel several hours ago.

Yesterday as long as I didn't eat solid food and I stayed still I felt ok. I spent all day locked in the family room with Lilia watching Caillou. She absolutely adores Caillou. This was one of the shows I have long hated. Years before Lilia was even conceived, I voted against Caillou, he annoys me. Yesterday though he kept Lilia happy and entertained while I tried to recover. I want to share with you some observations, how is it his name is Caillou and his sister Rosie? I thought he was Asian but I am not sure he is supposed to be. Why doesn't Caillou have hair? He is a little old to still be baby bald isn't he? Why is it Caillou is almost always in shorts and that weird shirt with short sleeves but all the adults are in long pants and sweaters? This seems irresponsible, I don't really like Caillou but someone buy him a sweater! Assuming Caillou's Mom did the decorating in the house she must really like hearts, they are on everything but the cat and the kids. The walls, the floors, the chairs, the toy box. Hearts are everywhere. On another note, George Carlin did the voice of Grandpa until 2008. One of the Caillou voice actors was killed in a car accident. Caillou is not from Japan or China as one might assume based on his look and Asian style shirt... he was created in Canada. Caillou's toys are mighty expensive, I googled them. I thought maybe I would pick one up for Lilia. I must say as much as the whiny brat Caillou annoys me it is really fantastic to watch Lilia sing the theme song. I bought her a Caillou book last week and watching her identify things like colors, the phone and Caillou is rather amusing to me.

Today I am grateful for knock off brand Imodium and Caillou, even if I can't stand his whiny little but.
May you be blessed by gratitude for some of your first world experiences.

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