Friday, July 29, 2011

Take Note

July 2008- Travel to Africa
July 2009- Anxiously waiting for baby to arrive
July 2010- Plan a trip to visit a school. Prepare baby's first birthday party. (Nothing that notable.)
July 2011- Moving to Louisville

It seems that July is a big deal for me and I am just noticing that now. I wonder what next July will bring?

Two other thoughts that I haven't time to dive into at the moment, as the move gets closer I feel more and more insecure about my appearance. I had a great conversation this week with a friend about my need for control and perfectionism. I noted that I don't have to do everything I feel like I need to do. I like to be in control, I am a perfectionist. I know the root causes of both of these. I also just need to "say out loud" that the diving into projects and being stressed out also serves me as a great form of distraction, it has helped me to avoid dealing with strong strong emotions. Duly noted.

Today I am grateful for July!
Be Blessed in your July!

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