Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Twitter Annoys Me

So I follow some people on twitter it started mostly with people whose books I read so I can keep up with current work. Then I slowly acquired more followers. Then I followed some more people. The thing is somewhere along the way someone must have gotten a book deal from self promotion on twitter because everyone is promoting something, a blog, a new book, a song, a product, Jesus. It is kind of frustrating to go see what's going on and just find links to blog post after blog post of bleh. I rarely click them now because I am so over the whole twitter self promotion thing. I rarely share a link to my blog beyond it being listed in my profile.

Then there is the whole over tweeter, read my blog, I just had tacos, the tacos are making me sick in the middle of the night, I like cheese, look at my awesome vacation pictures. It's a voyeuristic wonderland! Personally I don't care what strangers ate for dinner unless they haven't had dinner at all and they need some. While I feel for you that you are up at 3 am with the shits, I don't need to know that and who tweets while pooping?

I don't know. I bet it is pretty hard to get your blog recognized. I also bet many blogs see a lot of traffic with out ever sharing a tweet.

Today I am grateful for life lived.

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