Monday, October 24, 2011

Reaching Deep

The days are flying by and full of last fluttering what ifs. What if I did this before I was married with a kid and pets and so much responsibility is basically the only one. Today was a rough day I had the at home midterm from hell. When I emerged from my study lair the rest of the house was a disaster. Files on my computer that I just put 7 hours into were lost. There was poop in a pull up. There was a dog and a cat longing for attention. Pretty much today just sucked. Right up until five minutes ago when my VERY stubborn 2 year old went to sleep. That's right 11 pm. She was a handful all evening just full of acting out and whining for bread, her current favorite food. It's funny this week was the week I was determined to get her to bed by 8 instead of 9:30. I guess you can see it has been a rough one.

So I am digging deep with in me to find the gratitude for this day. Thank you God for the chance to be here. Thank you for my healthy daughter. Thank you for a place to live. Thank you thank you thank you.

May you be blessed by a thank you.

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