Monday, February 20, 2012

A List

I do not have a story to tell you today more a list of things for which I find myself grateful.

1. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Vagina Monologues. It taught me much about being the other as I played a transwoman. It put in me a sense of gratitude that I could help women who have been victims of violence and grateful that in my life violence hasn't harmed me. I am glad to let my voice sound for the voiceless.

2. In the past week two very dear friends have lost loved ones. I have longed to be with the respective families and while the longing hurts and I wish they weren't experiencing grief I am grateful for having friends with whom I long to share in all of life with.

3. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a student and a mother. It is stressful most of the time. Sometimes I hate it but I realize that I live a life of privilege.

4. I am grateful for my beautiful little girl.

5. I am grateful for the growth I see in myself. I can see how I am learning to become "pastor" and how that role is different from all the others I know already. I am grateful to have a deep faith even when I can't see how God is working in such terrible circumstances at times.

6. I am grateful for new friendships even when I find them hard to navigate at times.

7. I am grateful for a chance to enter into conscious eating this Lent as I take on a vegan diet. (Although you might find me writing a series of blogs about foods I miss, like cheese.)

8. I am grateful for all the women who have come before me and broke down the doors of sexism. Doors that would have kept me out of this place and the pulpit.

9. I am grateful for patience for all the things in my heart for which I have no answer yet.

10. I am grateful for love.

Today I am filled with gratitude for all my blessings, for serving and honoring a God who loves and forgives.

May you be blessed by blessings.

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