Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was sitting in class recently listening to people talk about love as an expression of gratitude, with in the bounds of faith, and gratitude for God's love. As we talked about our experiences of God's love it occurred to me that in my personal experience, having our daughter was the moment that stood out. Actually it was a series of moments, but from the time I knew she was growing inside me I was so grateful for her. When she was born, when she hit milestones and currently as she approaches her third! birthday. I noticed though in that moment that recently in all my frustration I had forgotten to be grateful. So I wanted to take a minute and say even though if you have spoken to me recently you know I am at my wits end with how our family life is going these days, I need to say I am grateful for LG. I am so grateful for her vibrant and healthy little self. I am trying to remember that in moments of sheer frustration and there are many like trying to put clothes on a kid who just wants to be naked. May I never forget to be grateful for her beautiful life.

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