Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Pastor's Kid

A few weeks ago I did my first "children's talk" in my church placement. LG saw the mic in my hand and freaked out. She clung to Paul the whole time screaming and Paul sat there as I tried to beg him with my eyes to take her out. He didn't see the begging. I had to press on, luckily I have ignored a tantrum or two in the past year. It was rough but this is exactly why I am starting to do things a few months before I have to, I needed time to get Lilia adjusted to the idea of mommy working at church and the routine during church. We are getting there the second children's talk went much better.

After her four alarm fit, someone came up to me and said, "Well she is a pastor's kid." I don't think they meant any harm but it stung. Pastor's kids don't always have the best reputation. I have only heard that word pairing used with a negative connotation. I have thought about that a lot over the past two weeks or so. I talked about it a bit and apparently there is a positive connotation to those words too, I just have never heard it. I am going through what I suppose could be called growing pains as I grow into my call and begin to take on the identity of "pastor". For LG to be a pastor's kid I have to be a pastor. I am slowly getting there. I am adjusting to what all this new title means and brings with it. That means I have a pastor's kid. It means I live essentially in a fish bowl where every word, action and deed is interpreted. Sometimes with out intention they are hurtful. Sometimes I fall short and sometimes I wish I could just act like any other person. The reality is this is the time to get used to the title and the new more public life. I am not sure I am ready but I am here.

Today I am grateful for LG, pastor's kid fits and all. I am grateful for this time to grow into what it means to have the title pastor.
May you be blessed by the words of another today.

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  1. good for you becca-keep walking into the open doors bravely. I have faith that LG will handle being a pastor's kid just fine-now paul that is a worry!
    love to you all