Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gender Roles in an Almost Pastor's Home

It's Sunday morning. Church day in our house, which makes sense considering in two years I will be done training and hopefully serving in a church somewhere. Today at the church where I am interning, there is a big BBQ after church, where you bring a dish to share. This is a fairly normal thing at churches. So I am up a few hours before I need to be, baking. While my cookie bars are in the oven, I sit writing a children's talk. Today we also happen to have a kid with a cold. So that means I am leaving and Paul is staying home with her.

We joke frequently about Paul being the Pastor's Wife. However, being the woman in this relationship and the "Pastor" gets complicated because not only am I prepping for worship, I am up baking. Paul can bake but I really enjoy baking. However I think in the future Paul is going to have to add preparing potluck dishes to his Pastor's Wife resume.

This is highly frustrating as female (nearly) clergy, particularly when you consider we have kept some what traditional gender roles in our home.

Just some thoughts.

Today I am grateful for a sense of humor in all this.

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