Friday, September 28, 2012

My Girl is Awesome

Excuse me while I brag shamelessly about my child, you have been warned click away now if you don't want to hear gushing about the sheer brilliance and adorable tendencies of LG. That being said let me tell you how awesome my kid is...

Tonight we took her to her first live show, Disney on Ice. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision and I scored awesome tickets that were in the first row. I had no idea that the tickets were that good, I knew they were close but not that close to the rink. I was very surprised because we didn't pay the exorbitantly high VIP price, we went middle of the road, which even seems like a splurge but LG had birthday money that we had saved for experiences because we have enough stuff.

I had never been to Disney on Ice, I had no idea what to expect, after a quick facebook poll, it was clear that she was old enough to go. A friend of mine gave me the inside track, most of the little girls would be wearing their Disney princess dresses. I said we don't have any princesses but we have Minnie. So I asked LG do you want to wear your Minnie outfit or regular clothes. She said mommy I just want to wear my regular clothes. I asked three times and three times she said regular clothes. So we settled on her Daisey shirt. She saw all the other little girls and didn't bat an eyelash at their princess garb. I am counting this as a score because she is currently rejecting princess culture in favor of Mickey, Minnie, Daisey and Pluto.

Then I we took her to the souvenir stand and said you can pick something. Blinking, spinning lights, princess glitter galore, she chose a simple Minnie Mouse toy. I was really surprised because she plays with these lights everywhere we go. She sat through the show clutching Minnie and is in bed with her, even though she is hard plastic. This kid knows what she wants and isn't afraid to pick something that isn't popular. I love this, even at 3. I don't know if it will be this way in two years but for right now I am counting it another victory.

We walk into the arena and she spent a fair amount of time watching the lights move and work as well as some of the other rigging. I cracked up, she is definitely our kid. I just love her curiosity about everything.

The show started and I wish I had the camera ready, her face was absolutely priceless. We did get a few pictures of the show but I missed that initial reaction. It's in my memory though. Half way through she told us she wanted to come to the Mickey show again tomorrow.

She liked Mickey and Minnie the best and they were out the least and she was mildly disappointed that Pluto and Daisey didn't come out. Over all though she had a great time and I am so glad that we took her and got to really enjoy her and the show. I am so proud of her and I can't wait to see how she keeps on walking to the beat of her own drum.Oh and she wants to go ice skating... that's what she told us... not a peep about being a princess, at least today.

Today I am grateful that we had the means to have this experience with LG and the moments to just savor her childhood. We are blessed, so very blessed.

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