Friday, September 21, 2012


Since I have found myself in this mode of survival, just survive the day and then tomorrow you can get through that, things are different. I have been trying to establish a routine that helps me get through the work of each day quickly. Since I am very much in a place of celebrate the little things, today I completed my first week of 6am work outs. It's the first time I have gotten a full week done. So the routine is coming. I hope it soon includes basic house work chores and sleep. The problem with the survive the day is I end up scrambling a lot. Yesterday I didn't have a sitter for an extra class period until an hour before hand and that is stressful. Slowly though I am getting a hold of this semester and the things that need to happen in life.

Today I am grateful for the routine and that I haven't shut the alarm off and rolled over.

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