Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's Gratitude Comes Easy

It's Memorial Day. I bet that is why you think my gratitude comes easy. Well sure I am grateful for those who served so I can have what I have and that is about all I will say about that. I have some pretty controversial ideas about Memorial Day. I will keep them to myself other than if you have a parade businesses and political groups should watch from the sidelines and leave it to our troops and rescue squads.

My mother got a call from her manfriend today, that was not out of the norm. I heard her answer and I heard an "OH NO we'll pray call me back." So of course I asked what was wrong. His grandson had been in an accident and they thought he wouldn't make it. Three phone calls later his 10 year old grandson has died as the result of a freakish boating accident. I can not imagine this on any level. I will not even attempt to find words of comfort.

What I did do was hold my daughter just a little bit closer as to not take her for granted. I "swam" with her for hours in her little baby pool. Tonight when she won't go to sleep on her own and I have to hold her. I am going to hold her a little closer and a little longer. The next time I see my nephews who are all fairly close in age to this boy... you better believe I am going to hug them just a little tighter. Same goes for the nieces.

May God quiet the hearts of the grieving long enough to fill those hearts with love.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogasphere. I'm looking forward to sharing in your gratitude.