Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Adoption Option

As soon as you get married people start asking you when is the baby coming. In my case it wasn't for five years. There is also the how many babies question, which has greatly increased since we have one baby. Then the ultimate when is the next one coming? Well I don't know. I really don't sometimes I think I would love 2 more stat. Other times I think one is all I can handle. What makes people think it is any of their business anyway? If I only have one I will get criticism and if I have ten I will get it as well. I am not going to lie I feel the pressure sometimes. We all know the chances of a healthy uneventful pregnancy go down as you get older.

This is why I am so very grateful for the adoption option; something we have always been open too. I feel like I can just relax and not worry about my ovaries holding scrambled eggs. There will always be children that need parents no matter how old I get. I also firmly believe that when it's time for another child, if it ever is time, that I will know. I really trust God on this whole baby/parenting thing. I wish I was able to on other important things but I guess maybe with time.

Right now though one works for us. She doesn't really tie us down all that much. We can take her places and give her grand experiences and lots of love and attention. It is so freeing to finally not feel rushed about this whole building a family thing. I am living for today and loving what I have not longing for what I do not have.

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