Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Child's Wonder

So yesterday I was caring for Braiden, my great nephew. We took a walk with puppy (Trinity) and bebe (baby aka Lilia) with Uncle Pau(l). When we arrived at a soccer field that is fenced in we took Trinity off her leash to play fetch. He wanted to get out of the stroller so off he went running. It was fenced in and he just ran and ran until he plopped down and started picking the grass. He refused to come back to us so I walked out to where he plopped and got him moving back towards the gate it took a while as he often stopped to just run his fingers through the blades of grass and randomly picking some that he found interesting. What joy and wonder he had! I didn't rush him back, we took our time examining the blades of grass.

We loose something when we stop looking at the grass in wonder don't we?

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