Friday, September 10, 2010

Daycare, No Thanks we will pass.

OK so when you have a baby all your personal decisions seem to be ok for political worthy debate. No one cares that they are personal decisions. Breast feeding, the type of diapers you use, formula if you choose it, the type of food you feed them, vaccines, schools of parenting thought, oh yes and daycare.

Ages ago long before a child was more than a glimmer in our distant future Paul and I discussed things like daycare and or childcare. We agreed that if we had children one of us would stay home with them. We would be one of those no daycare families until the child could at least tell us what happens there. So through her first year this is what we have done. Maybe because I didn't have a job to go back to it was easier to transition to full time childcare provider for my love. I have already blogged about life on one income. That is a choice we make everyday. It isn't easy sometimes but we get by.

Anyhow, my point being, I am so tired of people who judge me (and Paul) for making the decision to raise our own child. We thought it out before we had a baby to care for. We made sure we could afford to do it. Unless we owe you money and we aren't paying it you don't get to have an opinion on how we raise our child daycare free or our financial situation. That is the end of the story.

Sometimes I think people are just resentful.

Here is the deal Lilia won't go to daycare for now. Next year when I am back in school we will have to look at childcare options. If you don't like that too bad. If you send your kid to daycare or leave them with a sitter good for you. Not my business.

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  1. You're right honey, it's no one's biz-nass but yours and the Mr.'s. Worry not, sing a happy song and dance around in your undies. Ahhh...much better, right LOL :)