Thursday, September 23, 2010


So this morning I was reading a youth worker update that comes to my in-box each week. There was a link to some writing about a news story that I must have missed over the weekend while away. So I had to find the story and read it. So a teen girl in Canada went to a rave, which I am assuming is your typical teenage part in Canada speak, assuming the late 90s raves are a thing of the past. However I live under a rock at times so I could be wrong. Said teen girl gets drugged and rapped; gang rapped. Some _______________ (pick your poison) of a teen boy took pictures of said rape (weirdo who needs help) and POSTED THEM ON FACEBOOK (maybe needs some jail time or at least inpatient mental health care). So ok get the pictures taken down press charges done. Oh no no no, said pictures went viral on facebook and have been downloaded and reposted all over the place.

OK I am not one to swear much on my blog these days, but are you fucking kidding me?

There are so many levels of wrong there, that I can't even begin!

It got me thinking though are we breeding the conscious out of people? Have we forgotten to teach kids about right and wrong? Have we been that desensitized my our culture that kids think it is ok to do things like this?

How on Earth do I raise a child so that she knows clearly there is a line in life that you just don't cross?

Cyber-bullying is cowardly. Name calling is not acceptable. Rise above the influences of your peers and don't be afraid to have a voice and use it to do right. It seems so simple. I guess like most other things when you have kids, it starts with me and how I interact and react to those around me. God in heaven help me!

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