Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning Thoughts

It seems that the world has moved from back to school to Halloween over night. Doesn't that just drive you mad? By October 15 we will be well past the skip over Thanksgiving season and into Christmas. Personally I might jump the gun on Fall. I am tempted to go dig out my fall box while I go gather camping gear in the garage later today.

Speaking of camping gear. Paul made the executive decision yesterday that we are indeed going camping one weekend this month. He even made the reservation. This was a nice surprise. I must admit though I am feeling rather overwhelmed at getting it together. This is our first time camping with a baby. I need to go buy her some serious gear for cool temperatures and tent sleeping. I also need to go test and inventory all our gear make sure we have what we need and that it is working. One of the airbeds needs a patch and I can't decide the best sleeping system for the baby. So today after a baby sitting commitment and all my house work is done I will be making the lists of all that is to be done and cooked and prepared.

Last thought, I took the Duggar book out from the library. I must say that I think a conversation with them would be difficult because our ideas are almost polar opposites on everything. That's ok though. I still find them fascinating and it seems to me that they are genuinely kind people with good hearts. I think I would like to have dinner with their family and just observe and chat with them too. I am sure with all there is in life we could find some common ground.

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