Monday, June 27, 2011


I have been editing as you might have noticed in one of the other bazillion posts I have mentioned it in. This involves me watching a whole lot of footage over and over again. Much of which ends up on "the cutting room floor".

The documentary I am working chronicles a relationship between our friends Caleb and Rhita just outside Kampala, Uganda and our church here in New Jersey. I need to write an entire post about their amazing work which really is a life choice since it all blends together. Anyhow I just needed to say that while reviewing some edits Paul made last night while I was attending to a very upset toddler, I found myself in awe of Caleb and so darn inspired.

Three years ago when I visited Caleb and Rhita there was a dream to buy a piece of land and build a compound of sorts so all the children they care for could be in one place. I just reviewed video of Caleb walking us around the land, the dormitory, the house, the kitchen, the WELL, the future garden. Caleb Rhita and all the kids are living the dream. I don't know if I am just sappy or if it was the early morning hour, I found myself a little weepy watching Caleb show us around.

I am so inspired by Caleb and Rhita and how far they have come in just 3 short years. I think what makes this particular dream being lived out so meaningful is that it was never for them, the dream was for the kids. How daring to dream a dream for someone else! What courage and perseverance to live it out!

Today I am so grateful to be blessed by knowing Caleb and Rhita and their ever growing family.
May you be blessed by some sort of inspiration.

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