Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend camping was the best Sabbath I have ever had. This trip allowed me to disconnect and recharge and just be with God. My mentor of 10 years is going to cringe when he reads this because it is the topic of his dissertation which I have read in it's entirety no less than 3 times. We have talked about it at length. Yet I still just discovered how wonderful Sabbath can be. How just being with God and disconnecting from the world can really recharge your batteries. It made me think that maybe I need more frequent trips to a secluded nature filled area even if they aren't for whole weekends but just a few hours. It was hard to come back but I was super productive once I got back into the groove of things.

Today I am grateful for extended sabbath.
May you be blessed by just a moment of sabbath today and everyday.

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