Monday, March 5, 2012


I have been following the story of a little girl about 15 months old since Friday, she was thrown from her parents during the tornadoes and found in a field. She went unidentified for awhile and then her family found her. Her parents and two siblings were killed in the storm all of them thrown like rag dolls. Yesterday afternoon this little girl, named Angel, died. I didn't know Angel or her parents. I won't know the large extended family they left behind. Angel, I doubt, however she will ever leave my heart.  Our lives never crossed paths save the TV screen but her story has capture me and wrapped me up in it.

It's hard to sit and write a paper about the life of Jesus who I proclaim as my savior when minutes before you read about all of this heartbreak. It's hard to say I believe in a loving and just God. On Friday we were the lucky ones two storms moved through and they went around us one North and one South. I can't imagine what would have happened if they joined forces over us. This is the new reality we live in one where tornadoes happen, one where babies are ripped out of the arms of their mother by a much stronger and more harsh mother nature.

Now it's all in how we react, live our faith when we are surrounded on all sides by people who desperately need everything. We will see how that unfolds soon as my classmates and I pool our ideas and resources. I feel a strong urge to find a way to share a meal, because sharing a meal is normal. I have never had my house torn away but when my life has been turned upside down I have always wanted to just do anything that makes me feel normal.

Today I am grateful for my life, for Lilia's life, for Paul's life that we can all still hold each other tight. 

Today I pray for those who are waking up to snow on top of the remains of their homes, for those who grieve the loss of entire families, entire communities and lives turned upside down. 

Today may you be blessed with holding your loved ones tight just a little bit longer.

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