Monday, March 26, 2012

Plans Make Me Feel Better

I have a plan to curb all my anxiety about my field ed placement. First I am doing ample research on all the churches and visiting my top four because there aren't enough Sundays to visit all five. I am going to read up on a few things. Then I decided that I want to feel really confident when I go in so I am going to make sure I feel good about myself. I know that all parts of my plan will likely not work out but here it is.

1. New Outfit/Shoes
2. Haircut
3. Mani/Pedi
4. Teeth Cleaning
5. Time for various other self care earlier in the day on interview day.
6. Pray for the next month.

I know that makes me sound incredibly vain, I want to make a good impression on each church I interview with and I know I will feel much more confident walking into the room if I feel good about me. So that's my plan, I know what they say about the best laid plans and God. I am OK with God's interference this is just helping me get my head around it all.

Today I am grateful because I have a plan.

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