Friday, March 2, 2012

Poker Face

Today we are preparing for some very violent storms to move through. They have started closing schools and universities early and the watches have been issued. Currently we are in between storms. I came home from class this morning and prepped both of our bathrooms so that if I have to run into one I can just gather LG, the dog and the cat. I don't know how to prepare for tornadoes I know what to do for nor'easters, blizzards and hurricanes. I am really freaked out but trying not to freak my girl out. I have to have on my mommy poker face. Of course she can't understand why all her favorite snacks are in the potty along with blankets and water bottles. I told her we were having a party in the potty later. I feel pretty calm now that I feel prepared but I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror as I shoved some basic supplies into the medicine cabinet and I looked fierce. I barely recognized myself, I was a mother on a mission. The look on my face looked like that of a mother ready to go to war to protect her children. Which seems silly because if a tornado is going to suck us up it doesn't matter how fierce I look I am going to pee myself and not be able to do a dam thing to stop it.

I have to put my poker face on now and go have a party in the potty! The funny thing is if I didn't have Lilia to care for I would be that crazy person standing outside watching the storm. Motherhood changes you, yes, yes it does.

Today I am grateful that fear is sometimes healthy.

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