Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She's calling

Yesterday I was at a special lecture with some fantastic new friends, listening to the importance of the psalms. Somewhere in the middle of the day I started thinking about my call to ministry and how I feel it might not be in a church setting. My thoughts went to Africa, particularly Uganda where "my children" are. It was kind of a simple train of thought, it happened I didn't work those thoughts out they came easily. I tried to let them be and not get worked up about how I would ever get to Uganda. I tried to leave all the logistics of PhD work, motherhood, marriage and mission/ministry off to the side. To just live in the moment with the thoughts. Then I moved on in the day. It was like this little moment of sidetrack or clarity I am not sure which.

This morning I went on facebook and saw one of my former youth group students had posted a video done by the Invisible Children cause. A cause that I wholeheartedly support. I couldn't watch the whole thing before class but I will later. I saw enough to see glimpses of the place I was longing to be.

That's when these words came out of me as easy a breathe. I present them to you with gratitude for the spirit's stirring.

Did you hear it?
But a whisper in the night?
She's calling my name.
She wants me back.
She has a piece of my soul...
part freely given...
part taken as ransom.
Africa she is calling me.

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  1. lovely
    thank you for posting
    that is a powerful video