Monday, May 28, 2012

When the Trees Twinkle

Yesterday was an interesting day, we took LG to her first baseball game which she had been anticipating all week. That excitement was a first all week after I picked up the tickets she would say I want to go to the baseball game. I would say on Sunday after church and after lunch. Yesterday when she woke up I said time for church, she said and then the baseball game!

So the morning started with church where I heard a sermon that was unsettling. Maybe that is how sermons should be? The way you hear a sermon changes when you go to Seminary.

Then I went out to write an essay, big surprise.

Finally it was game time. We got to the game only top find out when I asked for Sunday tickets they gave me Saturday tickets, luckily they were quickly replaced with Sunday tickets. LG had a fantastic time and got to go on her first merry go round ride. It ended with fireworks. LG was a very happy girl and a very tired girl. We came home changed her into PJs and headed out for a ride to put her to sleep.

We drove down into the park where I noticed the trees seemed to be sparkling or twinkling. I made Paul pull over because I couldn't believe my eyes. It was true the trees were twinkling, filled with thousands of lightening bugs. LG fell asleep watching them. We sat there for nearly an hour watching nature's free show and it was amazing, mesmerizing. I hope they are there for a good part of the summer because I want to watch them every night. I wanted to scream and knock on doors and tell people you are missing this. I tried to take a picture and video but the lenses weren't sensitive enough to pick it up, so it will sit a wonderful memory in my brain.

Today I am grateful for nature, creation and all it has to offer us. 
May you be blessed by twinkling trees in summer time. 

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