Friday, June 29, 2012

Kindred Spirits

I often feel like the "odd man out" when it comes to matters of school and vocation (or sense of call as we call it in my world). I constantly struggle with feeling called to serve God's people with out very much from the material world. I also pretty regularly lust after stuff from the material world. It's a conundrum at best. It's a tension I have to live in for now. Even in seminary this call to less makes me often feel like I am on the outside. We have conversations about medical coverage, pensions and other parks of the compensation for the job of ministry. Those conversations sometimes leave me feeling dirty and frustrated.

I feel called into deeper practice, in to more disciplines that will allow my faith to go. A deeper call away from the things of society to the stuff of faith lived. It's a lonely call most of the time, even those called beside me in ministry don't often understand it. I have learned to live with it.

Lately though I have noticed I have a few kindred spirits around here. I am noticing people who are thinking like me, practicing like me and questioning like me. I am slowly having conversations that are life giving.

I am grateful for the discovery of new  kindred spirits.
May you be blessed by the feeling of being understood. 

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