Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Break & Fulfillment

It is the coveted research and study break, as the name implies it means most of us are working our tails off getting big projects done. I am working hard on getting caught up and I am just about there. I have had more sleep this week than I have had in a month and I am feeling pretty good. It is amazing what just a few extra hours a day can do for you. I didn't think this break would help but here I am feeling rather refreshed.

I am starting to get into the swing of things working at my church placement. Can I tell you how weird it is to not be a volunteer? I am not sure I will ever get used to my "hobby" being my job. Depending on how you measure the success of budding ministry it is either going well or horribly wrong. I am going with well, I am getting the chance to bond with a student and build a relationship. This is the most life giving kind of ministry for me and it is so very humbling. Tonight it was pizza, lemonade and a whole lot of homework. That was/is ministry and I'll take it. There is something about those conversations over math homework that reminds me of why exactly it is I followed the call to seminary.

Today I am so very grateful for the change to explore ministry in new ways and the little affirmations I am finding along the way, affirmations that tell me I am on the right path. I am also so incredibly grateful for this break and sleep.

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