Friday, February 1, 2013

A laundry how to.

How to do laundry with a 3 year old assistant. (On a cold day in a communal laundry room.)
1. Interrupt her quiet play to tell her she has to get her shoes on because other people are waiting for the dryer.
2. Cave and let her wear her fancy "Christmas shoes".
3. Add several items of clothing like hat and coat.
4. Have her fill up the empty laundry basket with her stuffed toys, clearly Mickey, Minnie and Pluto must come along.
5. Let her hold one end and you the other while walking to the laundry room singing the chugga choo choo song from music class loudly!
6. Run into neighbors coming down the stairs. Let her very enthusiastically yell Hi Everybody!
7. Listen to her narrate every single item that comes out of the dryer. Mommy's undies, Daddy's socks, My jammies.
8. Hear her profess her love for her Minnie undies, hug them and say thank you so much for buying these.
9. Ask her to fold a shirt, she will say, I'll just roll it in a ball. (Clearly a trait from her dad.)
10. She will wear every clean pair of jammies tonight.
11. She loves her clothes and has a new rolling technique for folding.
12. Thank you mommy for cleaning my star pants.
13. Get the coat etc back on and walk home.
14. She will help with the door.
15. Warn you to watch out for the slippery.
16. Choose to enjoy it, savor it even, because days like these will be the ones you long for in the future.

It is hard but God please let me be grateful for this journey of parenthood, each day.

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